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Jacques Tiziou interviews Gene Cernan for French TV. Dover, Delaware, 1972

This site is dedicated to my father, Jacques Tiziou.

Jacques has been intimately involved with the aerospace world throughout his entire career as a professional journalist from 1962 to his retirement in 2003.

Through the closing of his life in 2017 in Washington, DC, he continued to follow the latest developments in the field and keep in touch with all of his friends from the space program.

Always an avid collector, Jacques amassed an impressive archive of both historical documents and collectible memorabilia from the space program.

In 2011, Jacques was recognized as one of “The Chroniclers” of the space program, with his name inscribed in the honor roll at the Kennedy Space Center press site.

I’ve put together this site in order to share a little bit of what he’s gathered. I’m now sorting through the aftermath of his life, teasing apart archives, collectibles, family relics from what had become a bit of a hoarder situation.

The Air & Space Museum are taking a large chunk of his archives, and NASA’s archive folks are taking some as well, but that will leave me with plenty more cool space stuff to find homes for and I’ll need your help.

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The collection:

Jacques collected a comprehensive archive of documents that start with Sputnik and span not only the entire Apollo program…

… but also the ensuing shuttle and unmanned programs.

Along the way, he collected all sorts of memorabilia, from plastic rockets…

… to real ones!

The contents of his archives range from 16mm film and video tapes…

… to collections of images and press materials.

His collection of memorabilia includes all sorts of objects, from mugs…

… to medals, pins, patches and stickers…

… to unique signed prints…

… many of which are quite customized.

What will happen to these collections?

You can help save some of this collection from the landfill & get your own box of space stuff via this Kickstarter project:

Space Junk: excavating the Tiziou Space History “museum”


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You can also get in touch if you know of particular institutions that would be interested in taking on the archive documents.

– Jacques-Jean Tiziou
Philadelphia, PA

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Now that the Air & Space Museum & NASA Archives have had a chance to select some things from Jacques’ collection, it’s your turn to get a crack at it, and help me figure out where the rest will go.

Become a backer via Kickstarter for your own box of space junk, and to help the rest of it find its’ future homes…

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